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Foreste e verde urbano: pubblico e privato insieme per garantire il giusto verde in città

( 16/07/2021)

Le città più verdi del mondo - il network Tree City of the World


Green streets: which city has the most trees?

(The Guardian 05/11/2019)

How the "Nature" of cities is changing

(Eni W.E. - World Energy, Issue 45, page 61 - 2019)

Urban Forests make cities more sustainable

(Revolve, Issue 31, page 61 - 2019)

Forests and Sustainable Cities

(SciTech Europa Quarterly, Issue 29, page 344/347 - 2018)

Greening urban growth: the role of urban and peri-urban forestry

(SciTech Europa Quarterly, Issue 26 - 2018)

The rise of the urban jungle

(CNN/One Square Metre, 2017)

The importance of urban forests: why money really does grow on trees

(The Guardian - 2017)

(Citiscope - 2017)

(Citiscope - 2017)

The rise of the urban jungle

(CNN/One Square Metre, 2017)

Bringing the Forest back into the city

(Wood in Architecture Mena, Issue 2, page 48 - 2017)

The role of urban and peri-urban forests in creating greener, healthier and happier cities

(World Food, Agriculture&Fisheries monthly magazine, page 4 - 2017)

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