Past events

1st Africa forum on urban forests - 2021

Scope: support and facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learned, and discuss possible long-term collaboration on the development of urban forestry and urban greening strategies for a greener, healthier, and happier future for urban communities in Africa.

1st AFUF: 5-9 July 2021, online event. The Forum was co-organized by FAO and UN-Habitat and, due to the prevailing COVID19 crisis and the associated travel restrictions, was held online. The event, organized on 5 days, was attended by more than 150 participants. The main programme of the conference consisted in an introductory day, followed by three days dedicated to thematic presentations, and a fifth day devoted to start drafting a road map to support and guide the efforts towards a successful implementation and development of urban forestry in the African Region. Special sessions and side events were also organized. The report of the event will be shared soonest on this webpage.


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